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Hello My Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who contributed to the topics for the Free Mini Courses. The next Mini Course, called "Developing Your Prayer," will be held on September 22nd at 12 PM MDT. Registration is now open.

Online Healing Circle is coming up on September 22nd at 6:30 PM MDT. See below for registration details.

Join in at The Gathering: Facebook LIVE  on September 9th at 7 PM MDT for a healing as well as a short meditation near the end. See the link below to join the group. I love that more and more people are showing up to watch and participate. More questions are always welcomed.

Personal Appointments
continue to be available virtually. Contact me by email. For details of what to expect during an appointment, go to:

Notice: The Spiritual Matters with Mark Earlix Facebook page is now discontinued [as of September 1, 2020]. If you are a member and wish to continue to get updates via Facebook, please make sure you are a member of the Spiritual Healing with Mark Earlix Facebook group.

If you have any questions, please reach out to myself or Lynn at Your comments and feedback are always welcomed.
Bringing the Power of Physical, Biological and Neurological Healing Into Your Life
Date: September 22, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (11:00 PM Pacific and Mountain Standard, 1:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Eastern)
Registration and Details: Zoom (Click here to register)

Cost: Free (Gift from Your Heart)

Contact: Lynn at
Or Mark at or 888.380.6388

For video replays of all mini courses, visit the YouTube playlist:
Please take a moment to Like, Share and Subscribe - it's free :).

Date: September 22, 2020
Time: 6:30 PM Mountain Daylight (5:30 PM Pacific and Mountain Standard, 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern)
Registration and Details: Zoom (
Cost: Gift from Your Heart
Contact: Lynn at
Or Mark at or 888.380.6388
This Online Healing Circle is best attended via your computer. Please sign in at least 5 minutes early to ensure your microphone and video are working properly. If you have any questions, please reach out.

If you are not sure of your time zone, you can compare city times using Boulder, CO as the main city and then adding your own city:

Thank You in advance for your thoughtful "Gift from Your Heart".

YouTube Healing Circle Video Replays:
Past Healing Circle Video Replays

The Gathering:

Join the Spiritual Healing with Mark Earlix Facebook Group to hear and get your questions answered about Healing, Spirituality and Intuition. The Gathering also now includes a healing for some who attend as well as a meditation at the end.

Location: Facebook
Date/Time: September 09 at 7 PM MDT

Contact: Lynn at
Or Mark at

Not part of the group? Request to join today by clicking on the Facebook link above!

Here's the replay from the Live on September 2.

Join us Monday [or send Mark an email] to post questions regarding spirituality, healing and intuition. On Wednesday at 7 PM, I will go Live to answer all questions [added throughout the three days] in real time.

Access "The Gathering" Past Videos Replays

Special Offer! Free Spiritual Healing for a friend.
When you sign up for a session with Mark, if you bring a friend (schedule this at the time of your appointment) they will receive a Free 15-minute mini healing.

Limited time offer, so call or email me today!   888.380.6388
Be sure to Join and Like us on Facebook!
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...Look for more cities coming your way in 2020.

Ongoing Offerings
Apprentice Training  In or Out of State
Study with Mark in the techniques he utilizes to help others to feel better in their lives. Mark will teach his philosophical experiential understandings and the utilization of prayer from your heart. He will teach you to sense and experience the fields that emanate forth from you and how to manipulate those energies for greater heath in others and yourself. Students learn to work energetically with the physical body, injuries, disease, aches & pains. Learn to work with the timelines when others were first affected by dilemma, drama and trauma. You will also learn to work deeply into the Intuitive understandings of yourself and others.

Out-of-state: Intensive training is for 3 or 4-Days.
In-state: Training is extended, shorter hours and according to coinciding schedules.

Note: Apprentice Training can be available in your area if you have 3 or more wishing to attend. Educational and occupational discounts are available. Please contact Mark for further details.
Spiritual Healing Appointments
In the Appointment, Mark will address your main concerns that are bothersome, chronic, injured or diseased in your body. He will have you stand or lay on a table as he may touch or not touch your head or an afflicted area. You may feel various sensations in your body or know that something has happened in your body that will affect your physical and emotional well being.
New!  Readings and Spiritual Counseling
I can help you with emotional and mental realm of perceptions.  As always, answers come from within and as you ask and listen, the answers will have an importance to you... either immediately or over time.

All In-House Appointments
Personal Appointments in Skokie, IL *Telephone appointments available from anywhere.
Spiritual Healing: Up to 1 hr. $150 (except for grandfathered people)
Spiritual Counseling/Reading: 30 min. $85      60 min. $150
House Calls (Temporarily on hold)
More and more spiritual healing, spiritual emotional counseling!  For home visits, hospice, hospitals and nursing homes.

Spiritual Healing affects you physically, biologically, neurologically in body and mind/emotions.

Please feel free to call me at 888.380.6388  
Awaken the Healer Within
Audio-Book -The Perfect Way to Learn Spiritual Healing, at your convenience!
Released by Nightingale Conant. by Mark Earlix
7 CD's & Writable PDF Workbook
An Apprentice Program for Total Mind-Body Healing. A philosophical and experiential experience.

Order Now  Audio Book CD Version by Nightingale Conant.   SAVE 50%!   Only $70   Includes s/h  Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Mark is an internationally known healer, intuitive, author and ordained priest who was born in Chicago, Illinois. Sensitive, open, and uncensored, through touch and non-touch, he uses his gift of healing to help people in pain, emotional trauma, chronic and physical discomforts or situations of diseases and conditions.

At times, Mark can also see into the source of pain. He then internally connects to the person’s spirit, emotion or mental identification to help resolve those issues to end the suffering so they may be on their way to fully heal... either immediately or in increments.  

When therapists and medical doctors have reached their potential for helping patients, some have often privately suggested that their patients see Mark.

Go to: to read more.


Spiritual Matters with Mark Earlix, , Boulder, CO 80504, United States

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